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Here is a link to the adapter plug https://amzn.to/30FVXiz Here is a link to a multimeter https://amzn.to/2Gvj88o If you have a Zamp solar plug on your RV and you want to use a different brand than Zamp you can use an adapter. This video will show you how to use the adapter and how to figure out if you need on or not. Enjoy. Links For Full Moon Adventure Club Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fullmoonadv... Twitter https://twitter.com/fmadventureclub Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Fullmoonadve... Amazon Affiliate Link https://amzn.to/2YMmnQF Website https://fullmoonadventureclub.com Support Us On Patreon https://www.patreon.com/FullMoonAdven…

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A very easy fix to a broken sewer hose connector. This video will show you how I replaced the sewer connection fitting. As easy as a fix as this is I wanted to share it for anyone that is new to the RV lifestyle that might run into this problem. Buying a new sewer hose is also a definite option. This hose is the perfect size for my RV hose storage area so I just wanted to keep it. I hope this helps. Take care and happy camping. Support us on Patreon here https://www.patreon.com/FullMoonAdven... Amazon link to support this channel...

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Using PC cooling fans I was able to keep my RV water pump compartment from freezing as long as the heat is on inside the RV. You can get the fans and covers I used here Fans https://amzn.to/2OgXDaF Covers https://amzn.to/2TYNdls The temperature inside the water pump cabinet is now the same temperature inside the RV. This will keep everything in the two cabinets from freezing as long as the temperature inside the RV is above freezing using the furnace. The fans draw very low current at .8 amps compared to 12 amps that heat tape and a fresh water tank...

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Always make sure you watch anyone filling up your RV propane tanks to make sure this does not happen to you. While on a trip to the lake we stopped to get propane and our tank was way overfilled. This cause a potentially dangerous situation later down the road. Always know your tank capacity and watch the people filling up your tank to make sure they fill it correctly. 1 gallon of propane weighs 4.2 pounds. I hope that helps someone. Thank you for watching and happy camping. Jim

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Testing one 12 volt battery in winter to find out just how long you can run your RV furnace to stay warm. I ran a 12 volt lead acid battery down to 50% three nights in a row to see how long it will last against the 5 amp draw of my RV furnace. The temperatures got down to 26 Degrees so it was a great test.

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