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Shotgun and 357 Magnum VS LiFePO4 Battery. I am going to shoot this LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate RV battery with a 12 gauge shotgun and then six 357 Magnum rounds to see what happens. If all goes well the battery should not catch on fire. This might cause people to shy away from lithium batteries or feel more confident in their abilities but at least you will have more information on the matter. Enjoy! I love these batteries and if you want to pick one up here is my affiliate link $150.00 OFF! 105 AH LiFePO4 Lion Safari UT 1300...

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With 5 amps of power draw lets find out how long two GreenLife LiFePO. 4 100 amp hour batteries will run your RV. Lithium batteries can be an amazing addition to your RV power arsenal. Battery power is after all the heart of your RV and is responsible for running everything when the generator is not running. Prices are starting to come down on lithium batteries making them more attainable than ever before. I have had a lot of experience talking with full time RVers as well as being an avid RVer myself and I have a list of the...

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