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You can find this water filter on Amazon here (My friend just said he received 50% with this link. I have no idea if that will last but good luck) I am not an affiliate for frizzlife but they do send me filters to review and I have to say I have always enjoyed the change in my water quality. They seem well made and my water tastes great. I suppose that is enough said really. I hope you enjoy the review. Links For Full Moon Adventure Club Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Affiliate Link Website...

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Can you really use lake and river water to fill your RV? Lets find out. Get 10% off the Lifesaver Jerrycan here Or use the coupon code jim The Lifesaver Jerrycan 20000 can filter 20000 liters of any fresh water source and eliminate bacteria, viruses, cysts, and fungi instantly. I have been using it for months to fill my RV fresh water tank from rivers and lakes. This gives me the ability to have unlimited fresh water while boondocking. It is a incredible tool to have if you do a lot of dry camping or off grid living. The...

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