UltraHeat - 3 Gang System Kit Switch Package with Lighted Switches, 13.5 VDC

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Brand: UltraHeat


  • Packaged to be used with the UltraHeat® Heat Panels.
  • Included is 3 lighted switches, 1 Mounting plate Labeled "Fresh, Gray, Black"; 1- Mounting Bezel, Screws and Connectors.
  • Switches are rated a 20 Amps Max.
  • 13.5 VDC Built-in LED for 'ON' Indicator

Publisher: UHI Worldwide, Inc.

Details: UltraHeat® - The Original and #1 Selling anti-freeze protection brand of products for RV and Marine holding tanks and drainage systems, first introduced in 1988 and has been the RV Industry Standard to use since 1991. Archived as an "Industry Changing Product" in the RV Hall of Fame located in the 'RV Capital of the World', Elkhart, Indiana back in 2011, it has been copied but never beaten in performance or longevity. Reportedly, heat panels originally installed back in the early 90's are still satisfactorily working today.

UltraHeat® products use exclusive UltraHeat Technology and are designed and have been used by everyday RVers to effectively perform in temperatures down to and even below -11°F (-23.9°C) depending on your RV's design and installation modifications or add-ons. Recommended by seasoned RVers for use in everything from mildly cold weather to the most extreme and unfriendly climates, this is the product that works! For more information please go to ultraheat.com.

All Tank Heater models have a built-in sensor to maintain holding tank fluid contents between 44°F (7°C) and 64°F (18°C) once power is supplied. Pipe, pipe elbow and gate valve models are either 'on' or 'off' and are not regulated by a sensor.

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