How Long Will Two Six Volt Batteries Last In Your RV Tested

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How Long Will Two Six Volt Batteries Last In Your RV Tested

Have you ever wondered how long RV batteries last? In this series I will put popular battery types to the test to give you all a better idea of how long they last. This video is testing two 6 volt Deka Pro Master deep cycle batteries in my RV. I will turn on lights and electronics to deturmine just how long they last. I hope you enjoy. Here is a list of some batteries that I know to perform well through experience and Rver feed back.

GreenLIFE LiFePO4 batteries

Trojan 6 volt batteries (You would need two)

Trojan 12 volt battery

Universal Power Group 12V battery

Optima deep cycle battery

Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

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