Empty Your Black Water Tank At Home Without A Sewer Connection

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Empty Your Black Water Tank At Home Without A Sewer Connection

Empty Your Black Water Tank At Home Without A Sewer Connection

Today we are discussing the Sewer Solution by Valterra. It’s an easy solution for emptying your black and grey water tanks at home without a sewer cleanout. This accessory has saved me so many times over the past few years!

What is the Sewer Solution?

The Sewer Solution is a macerator with a powerful jet of water. Simply connect the garden hose from your house. The Sewer Solution has a backflow preventer so water can only go one way. Then it has a powerful jet of water that breaks up all the solids and forces that down a hose that can run up to a hundred feet and up to 2-3 feet in elevation higher than the source. The Sewer Solution gives you the ability to dump your black and grey water tanks at home or when the dump station is far away from you in a campground.

Using the Sewer Solution at Home

Dump stations are becoming harder to find, particularly free dump stations. I usually wind up paying ten dollars to use a dump station at a campground. If we park the RV at home with full tanks, the next day or two I have to drive around town looking for a dump station, which adds a lot of unnecessary time and frustration.

Even if you don’t have a sewer cleanout at your house, you can use the Sewer Solution. I have a friend who is living in a huge RV while his house is renovated. He didn’t want to drive his 38’ Class A to the dump station every week. Since he doesn’t have a cleanout at his house, we had to run the hose into his basement through a window and into a toilet, which worked fine. When using the Sewer Solution in a toilet, open the lid and the seat, then run the hose into the water a little bit to create a barrier against odors. If you have a cleanout it is much easier.

How to Use the Sewer Solution

Attach a garden hose from the house for water pressure. Hook it into the backflow preventer so water can only go into the sewer solution. There is an adjustable valve you can put up or down, so you can actually force water back into the tanks to fill them up a bit and rinse them out. The Sewer Solution screws onto your waste valve and the hose goes down for the exit. It’s a ¾ inch clear PVC type hose, you can get extensions for it. These are very nice and won’t restrict flow. If you would prefer to save some money, use a garden hose. It restricts the flow a bit but it works fine. You can get an adapter that will plug right into that, which will go from one inch PVC to a male hose adapter, so you can screw it onto a dedicated garden hose (one that will not be used for anything else). The process takes about twenty minutes. It has saved me so many times!

It is clean, effective, and I have had zero problems. It probably saved me the cost of buying it in the first year because I saved money every time I didn’t have to use a dump station.

You attach it, turn on the water from the hose, open your black tank, then wait until it’s empty. When it’s empty the water will get bubbly. Then you can force water up into the tank and do the process again to thoroughly clean it out. Close the black tank and open your grey tank to dump that one as well. It is very simple to use and convenient.