Robot Vacuum For A RV?  EUFY Robovac 30C Review

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Robot Vacuum For A RV? EUFY Robovac 30C Review

Amazon link to support this channel Link to The RoboVac 30C does a great job in our Class C motorhome. It will not get to every little crevice but it handles the main area very well. You can check this model out on Amazon here I should have mentioned it in the video but this vacuum is very quiet. I have seen other robot vacuum reviews and they seemed very loud. This 30C is quiet and be used while sleeping no problem. You occasionally have to clean the rotating brush to free up hair but I find this to be true with all Vacuum cleaners. We have been using this Robovac 30C for about 3 months while Rving full time. So far the results are impressive and I like to use it as it seems futuristic to have a robot vacuum for me. If this seems like a good fit for you I highly recommend this unit. I have had no other experience with other robot vacuum cleaners like the Roomba but for the price I have enjoyed using it and is going strong.