Review of the Weboost Connect RV 65

Review of the Weboost Connect RV 65

I took the Connect RV 65 into the field to test its abilities and was not disappointed. It enabled me to make calls and check online apps where it was impossible before switching on the booster. Very cool unit if you do not mind setting it up when you get to camp and taking it down when you switch spots.

We are doing a review on the Weboost Connect RV 65 signal booster, the strongest RV signal booster you can get. This is for stationary applications only. It has a 25’ antenna pole whereas mobile cell phone signal boosters will only give you up to 50 DB worth of boost.

I took this to two remote locations where I typically do not have cell phone signal. What’s in the box? A 25’ telescoping antenna, a weboost box of parts containing: warranty, manuals, weboost signal booster, internal antenna, external antenna, and all the mounting hardware, as well as an a/c power supply and the mounting hardware for our internal antenna, lots of cabling and a flat cable that can run through a window.

To attach the antenna to the pole, take the mounting hardware and attach a bracket to the antennae with two screws. Use the u-bolts to attach the mounting bracket and use the wingnuts as well.

The black brackets attach the pole to the rv. The pole is very light weight which is great. Carefully consider where you want it to go. The brackets slide up and down and give plenty of space between them. Once you have it where you want it, use a level, then mark it with a pencil before permanently attaching. Take the other side of the brackets and attach them securely before sliding your pole into place.

I drove to Wyoming to Twin Buttes Lake outside of Laramie, it’s fairly isolated. After we put up the antennae and pointed it in the direction of Laramie, we began receiving much better reception, leaving roaming and entering the Sprint network.

Later we went to Pawnee National Grasslands, a very isolated location, and set up the antenna again. The antenna boosted our signal by 65 DB which provided us with cell phone service again. Very impressive technology.

Thanks to weboost and thanks to all of you for joining me. Until next time, Happy Camping!