ORORO Heated Vest - Does It Work? - Test and Review

ORORO Heated Vest - Does It Work? - Test and Review

ORORO Heated Vest - Does it Work?

Heated clothing is a game changer for anyone that is always cold. I bought this ORORO vest for my girlfriend and it has changed everything! It’s one of the gifts I hear about the most because she uses it all the time.

As a life-long Floridian, my girlfriend has had a difficult time adjusting to the cold Colorado winters. I try to ease her suffering with heated blankets or seat warmers in the Jeep, but she’s often cold when we’re camping in the mountains. That’s why this vest has been such a life-saver.

How Does the ORORO Work?

The ORORO heated vest comes equipped with a lithium ion battery pack. I like the vest style because your arms are open to movement and it can be worn under your favorite jacket. The vest has heating elements on the upper back, in the collar, and in the pocket area.

It uses carbon fiber heating elements that are pretty resilient. You can wash it up to fifty times, according to their website. With jackets, it’s really not necessary to wash them frequently. But when it’s time, simply remove the battery and wash away.

It’s also wind and water resistant, which I like. That keeps everything from degrading and also blocks wind and moisture. That way, if you’re wearing it during a sprinkle or fog you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

We’ve used the ORORO heated vest a lot in the past year. Whether we are camping at high altitudes, taking a winter walk, or if she’s wearing it in the office to fight off the chill, we’ve gotten a lot of use out of it.

What is the Battery Life?

The battery life is pretty impressive considering its small size. Its maximum operational time is eight hours. The run-time for each setting is listed below.

  • 8 hours on low.
  • 6 hours on medium.
  • 4 hours on high.

A secondary battery is a good idea with this jacket. It’s nice to have one charging in reserve while you are using the vest. The battery pack is in a lightweight zipper pocket. You can also charge cellphones and other small devices with the battery pack.

How Warm Is It?

We used a heat gun to test the temperature of the vest at various stages. With the jacket turned off and someone wearing it, the inside temperature was 86 degrees. The outdoor temperature during the test was 68 degrees.

We allowed the vest to heat up for about ten minutes. The temperature reading inside was 100 degrees, showing a 14 degree increase from the temperature of the vest turned off.

Operating the Vest

To turn it on, press and hold the power button for three seconds. A light will turn on and blink on and off for 3-4 minutes until the vest is warmed up.

The vest has three settings; low, medium, and high. The logo on the vest changes colors to indicate which heat setting has been selected.

  • Low Heat - Blue Light
  • Medium Heat - White Light (default setting)
  • High Heat - Red Light

Review and Resources

We love this vest and have found a lot of uses for it in the past year. Beyond providing comfort, it could potentially save a life in an emergency situation. If you are involved in activities that require you to go into the backcountry (snowboarding, snowmobiling, hunting) or if you frequently drive in snowy climates, this vest could get you an extra 4-8 hours of heat in an emergency.

I hope this review was helpful and as always, Happy Camping!

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